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U.S. Bonds with Manchester Soul

The Twisted Wheel was the place where it all started: all things to do with the Manchester Mod scene and their love of Soul Music, which directly led to today's appreciation of the genre known as 'Northern Soul'. The Soul began in our Northern City of Manchester - big time; when Roger Eagle became the resident DJ at the club in late 63'.

He steered the club from Pop and Beat music towards Blues, Rhythm & Blues, a tinge of Jazz and early Soul music. One of the very first records I remember being played was NEW ORLEANS. It was a hit from 1960. So, past releases and back number records were revived right then at the start of it all, kicking off a trend current and active today: the search for 'old' vinyl:

USA originating label:Legrand
U.K. label: Top Rank JAR- 527

Written by Frank Guida – Royster

Gary U.S. Bonds real name was Gary Levone Anderson, from: Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Frank Guida owned Legrand Records and also co-wrote this song. He was also a shrewd operator naming Gary and the backing band, including the great saxophonist Gene Barge, as U.S. Bonds so that they were confused with actual government bonds so to gain some notoriety. The concept worked and the song reached the USA Top ten and in the following year "Quarter To Three" was released and that reach number one. Both songs became eternal on the play list at the 'Wheel' & Blue Note clubs in Manchester throughout the 1960’s. And its still popular today, although not listed as a 'Northern Soul' song it does have lasting appeal:

The song was sung at the closing sequence and titles on the film 'Blues Brothers 2000' and Gary can be seen with a host of blues and Soul singers getting down to “New Orleans” at the end of the film, with: B. B. King, Steve Cropper, Charlie Musslewhite, Ericka Badhu, Grover Washington Jnr., Koko Taylor, Stevie Windwood, Lou Rawls, Eric Clapton, Bo Diddley, Dr John, Dan Akroyd, Billy Preston, Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Junior Wells, James Brown, Jaj Mahall and many more get into the act in the closing credits.

Oh what a brilliant and eternal R&B song and this cinematic live version is fabulous.

The Manchester Wheelers

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